Need a landing page?

Since my thesis will be a revolution tool for people organize their online life, a landing page is needed to give people the general idea about my project. Hopefully, they will be interested and use the website.

I did some research on the landing pages from the websites/application i liked (used) the most. Please let me know if you have any landing pages you like, so i can add them here..

First, there are 9 tips/rules for the successful landing page. I am sorting the information i research online into a list.

  1. Make sure your page loads quickly: Strive for an 8-second or less page load.
  2. Leave Plenty of Whitespace (Think simple) – Visitors don’t read – they scan the text.
  3. Put your most critical landing page elements in the upper 300 pixels of the page: Usability research shows over half of your site visitors will NOT scroll “below the fold.
  4. Have a Clear and Direct Headline + Make your first paragraph short , no more than 1-2 lines - Your landing pages should designed so the headline is first thing a user sees upon landing. First impressions on landing pages are as important as the offline world.
  5. Use a recognizable layout
    Users don’t want to think about finding the information. Place the information in the most obvious spot.
  6. Don’t have too much navigation – Don’t overload the user with navigational possibilities. Both SEO-wise and usabilty-wise too many links on a page is a bad thing.
  7. Write to deliver a clear, persuasive message, not to showcase your creativity or ability to turn a clever phrase. - This is business, not a personal expression of your art.
  8. Amplify ButtonsAttracting attention is what the main action buttons are all about.
  9. Soften the Call to ActionDirect words like “Buy,” “Add to Cart” or “Subscribe” indicate a commitment that the visitor may not be ready to make and can lower conversion rates.

Here are the screen shoots of the pages i like.

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