The world became smaller because the convenience of the Internet and better transportation. We connect to more people and visit more places, and the distance between places and people is much shorter than before. The information people are absorbing and sharing is exploding. People realize the power of sharing and continue pushing the envelope in across the web, and manage all the information became a difficult task. We google for the Information related to the general public, but there is no application to help we search and discover the information we shared online. “Crossed Connections” is a web based personal life database for people who kindly shared their content on the Internet. It automatically imports the content the user shared on the Internet and sorts the information with content, tags, geo-location and timestamp. There are three ways users can explore their personal life history, by keyword, location and timestamp. The advantage of the web interface is the content can be sorted d ynamically by more than one option just like how our brains work. They can easily to find the cross point between their life with specific people, time or location. The application is not only serve as a searching tool, but it also serve as an tool for exploring the cross point between two people. User can request each other to compare their life. The application will automatically analyze the cross points, and help them associate the information and their memory. The more content they share to the world, the more they will get by having a rich database for them to discover or searching for the information in the future.

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