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Anti-Smoking PSA – Motion Graphic I 拒煙社會宣導短片

I dont like people smoking since i was young, and i know it kills and smells bad. Therefore, i chose this topic and hope it might help people to realize what smoking has done to them and quit smoking to “die another day”. I remix the background music. It’s sung by Madonna.

我從小就不喜歡有人吸菸, 因為我知道香煙是一種慢性自殺. (包括二手菸) 加上煙味實在是很臭 (煙草的味道倒是還ok), 因此我選擇了這個主題. 我希望這個短片可以提醒吸菸對身體造成的影響, 也許可以幫助癮君子戒煙. 就像背景配樂的歌詞一樣. “擇日再死”. 我調整了背景音樂的速度跟音調去配合動畫.這首原唱是 Madonna.