Wanna follow me on Twitter?

I was designing my landing page for SiftU. Since the website is not working yet, i would like people to get the first hand message about the website, so i can get enough beta tester when the site is launched.

Traditionally, website will ask the visitors to leave their email address here. It will involve with tons of annoying PHP email list and mess email admin pages. Thanks for the modern technology and Twitter. We can simply put on a follow me on twitter icon. People can click and follow us easily. It reduced the chance to become junk emails and make the sign up process easier.

Twiiter logo is tricky. They didn’t came out a good design following me on twiiter icon officially. They didn’t even provide media kit for branding. I googled the twitter logos, and didn’t find something I like. They are 3D, and i dont think they match the style of the website. Therefore, I did extended research on the icons.

Luckily, I found these nice designed icons. You can download directly from HERE or visited Mark Thoburn’s blog. It’s free and awesome. (even with Original PSD).

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