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Exhibition Plan for MFADT thesis symposium

Since my professor is gonna kill me if i don’t have my exhibition plan submitted to the symposium community. I designed the exhibition space as follow. I am not sure how realistic can be since it require a lot of $$ and equipment.

The panel on the left will be playing promotional/tutorial video to explain the project. The mini + LCD on the right is the demo machine, so people can really plan with the platform.

In order to have this plan working, I will need 1 x 40″+ LCD screen, 1 x 24″ LCD screen, 2 mac mini, and keyboard+mouse.

A 10 feet wide x 6 feet tall place will be needed for the installation.

Anti-Smoking PSA – Motion Graphic I 拒煙社會宣導短片

I dont like people smoking since i was young, and i know it kills and smells bad. Therefore, i chose this topic and hope it might help people to realize what smoking has done to them and quit smoking to “die another day”. I remix the background music. It’s sung by Madonna.

我從小就不喜歡有人吸菸, 因為我知道香煙是一種慢性自殺. (包括二手菸) 加上煙味實在是很臭 (煙草的味道倒是還ok), 因此我選擇了這個主題. 我希望這個短片可以提醒吸菸對身體造成的影響, 也許可以幫助癮君子戒煙. 就像背景配樂的歌詞一樣. “擇日再死”. 我調整了背景音樂的速度跟音調去配合動畫.這首原唱是 Madonna.

Wanna follow me on Twitter?

I was designing my landing page for SiftU. Since the website is not working yet, i would like people to get the first hand message about the website, so i can get enough beta tester when the site is launched.

Traditionally, website will ask the visitors to leave their email address here. It will involve with tons of annoying PHP email list and mess email admin pages. Thanks for the modern technology and Twitter. We can simply put on a follow me on twitter icon. People can click and follow us easily. It reduced the chance to become junk emails and make the sign up process easier.

Twiiter logo is tricky. They didn’t came out a good design following me on twiiter icon officially. They didn’t even provide media kit for branding. I googled the twitter logos, and didn’t find something I like. They are 3D, and i dont think they match the style of the website. Therefore, I did extended research on the icons.

Luckily, I found these nice designed icons. You can download directly from HERE or visited Mark Thoburn’s blog. It’s free and awesome. (even with Original PSD).

JetBlue, The Flyer’s Collection

Living in a big city like New York is great. For me, It’s not because of all the fancy shops, it’s because all the ad champion for this huge market in the city. Something I would never experience elsewhere.

JetBlue, The Flyer’s Collection is one the the best ad champion lately. Just like Apple commercial, JetBlue delivered the idea of quality service with low price.

When all the airlines try to cut down the expense in onboard services, JetBlue reversed the strategy. They understand people still have all the needs onboard, and maybe strip down all the services to cut down the price won’t be the only solution. All other airlines might re-consider when they remove all the services we used to enjoy. I will take JetBlue or Virgin America for sure :) , if all the old airlines are still thinking they are irreplaceable?? LOL

I always love the Blue Potato Chips on JetBlue. When you take another airline, dont forget to bring a vending robot with you since there is no snacks service there.

I think this is the best design in the collection. The airlines reduced the weight/number of the luggages when the oil price goes high, but they never give back all the allowance that we used to have when the oil price went down. What a Jerk.

Leg room is another problem in most of the economic class. The old cabin layout is just not gonna work when we grow taller than ever. I am so thankful for JetBlue and Virgin America who provides more leg room for us.

When you are onboard, there is nowhere else you can get your food/drinks other than from the service crew. When they stop serving for the basic human needs, and try to charge everything. I guess this is all we can do. Biting the stick and dreaming there is a mashpillow :).

When nothing is gonna work, keep dreaming and erasing bad memory will be a good idea.

When you travel next time, maybe it’s time for you to think again about the airline you choose. Are they trying to make you use these Gadgets or they are just some stupid greedy companies?

Revolution product design of AquaFresh Toothpaste

I admit i am picky. Let’s say very picky about the product we use in daily life. It’s all about attention to detail and usability. I have been used AquaFresh Toothpaste for few years because they invited a toothpaste which can automatically push the toothpaste out.

It’s nice but i guess it’s not good enough. It’s tall and bulky. Therefore, they were working on a redesign. I saw this in supermarket today and i just can’t walk away with it.

I guess they got the idea from shaving Gel. It’s nothing revolution in its mechanic design. BUT, i think it’s a huge break through for the toothpaste. Toothpaste suppose to be easy to use like this. I don’t understand why most of people still are struggling with their toothpaste everyday. Rolling it or Squeeze the last drop? Maybe it’s time to move on to the new AquaFresh? :)

Ads of District 9

There is a bus ad caught my eyes lately. It’s a series ads from the movie “District 9″.

I like the way the designer plays with the environment where the ad is placed. People feel more engaged when they are bounded to the ad in some relationship. It’s not like the ad is not related to them at all. Hey, report us if u see any non-human around :). This is awesome!