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Problem with Mobile Exchange Server Sync with google apps?

Since google changed their service agreement on google apps. I noticed the mobile exchange sync on my iPhone is no longer working. At first, i thought the google mail service is down, and it wasn’t fixed for few hours. Therefore, I tried to see if the service agreement change affected the setting.

Bingo, google reset the mobile sync option to inactivate. All you need to do it’s go to google apps administration page(you can manage the domain if you are the admin for the google apps) and choose Setting => Mobile => Check “Enable Google sync” (as the image below)

Wait for 10 – 30 minutes, disconnect from internet (by switch “airport mode” on and off or reboot your iPhone). You will get ur push mail back. Time to send the emails you wasn’t able to send!

iPad is here, an important day in the human history

Yes, You might say, “ya ya ya… another apple fan boy is talking licking Apple’s ass”. Maybe? Maybe not? I have to admit. At first, I dont think i will get an iPad. I was thinking. No webcam? 3G/wifi model is $130 more than the wifi version? I am not getting it.

As time goes by, I realized i was missing the point. The reason i need an iPad it’s not b/c it can go on web, check email, use apps. I can do all of the above on my laptop or iPhone.

The reasons i think it’s revolution is because I can read books on it, with COLOR.

I was amazed when i saw the Amazon kindle before. It’s slim and light, and the e-ink looks nice and comfortable for the eyes, but i never bought it. Why? It’s because, first, it’s not in color. I am a designer, and I love reading book with a lot of nice illustration or photos. Most of the design/technology book are full of photos, charts. Amazon and SONY sticks with e-ink and they only get some grey-scale images which is not really ideal for design and technology books (or even any normal non-fiction book we are reading today.)

User interface is another problem for kindle and SONY reader. Don’t get me wrong. The next and pervious buttons are looking useful on kindle, but other than that, the user interface is just what we expected in DOS era. (If you used computer long enough, you will know what i meant). It might not be bad for fiction books, but it’s really bad for reference books. We want to quick search and find the page we are looking for, access the content quickly.

Not only the color screen, the ability of handling 3D objects and smooth graphic/video playback are the essential points to make iPad stands out in digital reading. Oh, did i mention now you can finally carry all the books with you when you are in the move?

We have problem to carry the design/technology books with us because they are usually big and heavy. Carrying one is heavy enough, and i am not gonna even mentioned about the advantage wen you move to another place. Last time I moved from upstate New York to New york city. Half of the boxes i mailed were books. They are heavy and taking a lot of space. They are not good for moving or storage in a small room in NYC.

iPad provides a new platform for us to re-think and re-define “a book”. What’s a book? What kind of content can be put on a book? How are we going to carry a book? How is the experience we have with a book. How can i keep my book looks clean and nice? What if i lost my book? The answer you have now might not be the same after we are using iPad.

Therefore, I think today is a big day in history. Human has been reading for centuries. A new era for reading is coming. I wish this is a good start. No matter iPad will be the most successful reading device or not. I think it changes the way we read, and the we as human are moving forward.

Go away, Microsoft. Remove annoying “Microsoft User Data” Folder.

Lots of Designers use Mac as their work machine, and lots of designers are a bit clean freak like me. Therefore, it’s really hard to swallow when Microsoft try to put an useless “Microsoft User Data” Folder in Documents Folder.(Usually it’s where we put our projects in).

Therefore, today I decided to research for the solution on this. (to fix this annoying problem since years ago)

This is the window you usually see when you have Microsoft 2008 or 2004 installed. The “Microsoft User Data” Folder will always be there no matter how many times you have removed it. It will be automatically recreated every time you open an Microsoft product on your mac. It’s VERY VERY annoying.

Thankfully, this is the solution. Simply move “Microsoft User Data” folder from “Documents” to Users/ (YOUR USER NAME)/Library/Preferences/

DONE!! You will never see that annoying folder again in your Documents Folder. Thank god. :p

Skype Heartbeat

We rely on the web services more and more these days. There is no system which is 100% uptime since we are not living in Utopia. Therefore, have a service status report to the users is crucial. Skype has this interesting concept of using “heartbeat” as their status report. It’s simple to understand and lovely.

Any Crash is probably Flash

I worked for a Flash based Interactive Design company before, but I still have to admit most of the users got ABUSED by misuse Flash everyday. Oh well, for mac users, the day has ended. Say Hello to ClickToFlash.

Basically it’s replaced all the Flash with an default icon. So the site won’t load the flash in the first place until you click on the Flash you would like to play. I have been using for few days, and it truly make my Macbook Pro runs cooler and faster when I browse the websites.

The good thing about it is you can add the sites you would like to allow to open the Flash by default (eg.theFWA or youtube). Enjoy and tell Flash to Kiss my Ass now.

Fresh Berry Trifle from FreshDirect

Having Grocery delivered is one of the best inventions in human history. In the old day, people got chased and chased the animal to get food. After that, they go to supermarket to get food, and now, the food will delivered to their house by the time they specified. I have been using FreshDirect for years to get the Grocery which is hard to get from the local supermarket.

“Like a multi-layered berry bonanza in a bowl, this fruity dessert layers light sponge cake and sweet-tart lemon cream with a gorgeous selection of seasonal berries.” – FD

Fresh Berry Trifle is the my new favorite from FreshDirect. It’s light and healthy. It’s not too sweet and it won’t break your diet plan too much. The berries are all over the place :p. Sweet-tart lemon cream balanced the sour taste from the berries. It’s prefect combination :).

JetBlue, The Flyer’s Collection

Living in a big city like New York is great. For me, It’s not because of all the fancy shops, it’s because all the ad champion for this huge market in the city. Something I would never experience elsewhere.

JetBlue, The Flyer’s Collection is one the the best ad champion lately. Just like Apple commercial, JetBlue delivered the idea of quality service with low price.

When all the airlines try to cut down the expense in onboard services, JetBlue reversed the strategy. They understand people still have all the needs onboard, and maybe strip down all the services to cut down the price won’t be the only solution. All other airlines might re-consider when they remove all the services we used to enjoy. I will take JetBlue or Virgin America for sure :) , if all the old airlines are still thinking they are irreplaceable?? LOL

I always love the Blue Potato Chips on JetBlue. When you take another airline, dont forget to bring a vending robot with you since there is no snacks service there.

I think this is the best design in the collection. The airlines reduced the weight/number of the luggages when the oil price goes high, but they never give back all the allowance that we used to have when the oil price went down. What a Jerk.

Leg room is another problem in most of the economic class. The old cabin layout is just not gonna work when we grow taller than ever. I am so thankful for JetBlue and Virgin America who provides more leg room for us.

When you are onboard, there is nowhere else you can get your food/drinks other than from the service crew. When they stop serving for the basic human needs, and try to charge everything. I guess this is all we can do. Biting the stick and dreaming there is a mashpillow :).

When nothing is gonna work, keep dreaming and erasing bad memory will be a good idea.

When you travel next time, maybe it’s time for you to think again about the airline you choose. Are they trying to make you use these Gadgets or they are just some stupid greedy companies?

Tokyo Girl 東京少女

Knowing technology too well sometimes kills the romance. Tokyo girl is a romantic story between a girl in modern tokyo and a guy in 100 years ago. They fell in love by talking on a phone, a freaking cellphone.

The cell phone fell into a “black hole” which sent it back to 100 years ago. (while people still rarely use a “landline”(home phone). There wasn’t any wireless tower, so they are connected by the “full moon”. HUH. I guess the wireless company will be interested in this kind of technology, so they will will save tons of money by building more towers and satellites.

Knowing how cellphone works actually killed the story. I was like -.- “oh..ya right” during the movie. If i am less tech-savvy, i might enjoy this movie better. The main actress wasn’t that cute :p, and i guess that’s another disappointment.

I will recommend this movie to who believe in time travel and doesn’t know wireless technology too well.

$29.99 Windows 7 with Fusion 3 + Virtual Box

So ya, finally i got the windows 7 on fusion 3 yesterday.

It has been almost 1.5 months i ordered $29.99 windows 7 student special “upgrade” version of 64-bit windows 7 HomePremium / Professional.

The reason I couldn’t install windows 7 on the machine was because Microsoft is being an ass. They made $29.99 an upgrade version, so it’s extra difficult to upgrade from WindowsXP.

After i asked the Master Google, I found the solution yesterday.

Source: Mike

1. Create a new virtual machine and install without using the serial number, this is technically a trial install.

2. After installl is complete launch the install DVD from inside Windows 7 (important) and do an upgrade install, then enter your serial number and complete the install.

It does authenticate without issue.

This method takes time, and you get a nice fresh install. Also this does not violate EULA as long as you have the serial for your old WinXP (if this is a concern).

It’s smooth and only use 4% usage on CPU of macbook Pro. Thanks to VMware fusion 3 and windows 7. It runs much better than it was with WindowsXP.

@stevevarga asked me if i ever used VirtualBox. I heard about it but i never used it. Since it’s free, i thought it might be a bomb. Surprised, It’s not bad. It’s free and run smooth after installation. It went very slow when i installed windows 7, and it made the beach ball kept spinning. It take 2-3 times of CPU usage comparing to Fusion, but i guess it’s still not bad as a freeware. Since VMware Fusion charge more and more on upgrade. I might jump onto VirtualBox one day :).